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Discover our professional binding services, transforming your documents into polished masterpieces. Choose from a range of styles to suit your needs, enhancing durability and visual appeal. With precision and expertise, we secure your materials for long-term use. Elevate your documents and leave a lasting impression with our premium binding services. Experience organized sophistication today!

¼" - ½":

$ 3.50 each

¾" - 1":

$ 5.50 each

1½" - 2":

$ 6.50 each


40¢ each


$ 1.50 each

Additional Services


Preserve and protect with our expert laminating services. Enhance durability and keep your documents in pristine condition. Experience the difference today!

Business Card (3 mil.):

$ 1.00 each

8½" x 11" (3 mil):

$ 2.50 each

8½" x 14" (3 mil):

$ 3.50 each

11" x 17" (3 mil.):

$ 5.00 each

17" x 23" (3 mil.):

$ 10.00 each

24" x 36" (3 mil.):

$ 10.00 each

Additional Services


Discover the ease and professionalism of our expert folding services. At our company, we take pride in providing efficient and precise folding solutions that elevate the organization of your materials to a whole new level.

No more dealing with the frustration of manual folding. Our skilled team ensures that each fold is executed with utmost accuracy and care, resulting in flawlessly organized brochures, flyers, and promotional materials that leave a lasting impression on your audience.

1st 1,000 or part thereof:

$ 20.00

Additional 1,000 or part thereof $ 10.00

Additional Services

Self Serve Copies

Experience the convenience of our Self-Serve Copies service. Take control of your printing needs with user-friendly stations. Quick, reliable, and high-quality copies at your fingertips. Print what you need, when you need it, on your schedule. Embrace efficiency and cost-effectiveness today!

20lb. white bond, price in ¢ per copy

5¢ black and white Letter or Legal only


MINIMUM $5.00 (Includes up to 30 copies)

Additional Services


Efficiently convert your physical documents into digital assets with our advanced Scanning services. Experience the convenience of easy organization and access to your files. Trust in our skilled team for precise and secure scanning, preserving document integrity. Embrace the digital age with our hassle-free scanning solutions today!

Set up Fee:

$ 10.00

per page. based on document feeder saved onto client-provide USB


Email file, charge is per email address